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Donate toys to The Smith Family Toy & Book Appeal

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Your gift of a new toy or books will bring a smile to a disadvantaged child’s face this Christmas. Sadly, thousands of Aussie kids will go without receiving a gift this holiday season simply because their families can't afford it.

This year, with your help, The Smith Family aim to deliver over 43,500 new toys and 29,000 new books to children in need around Australia.

How it works?

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To help make sure there is something under the Christmas tree:

1. Click on the GIVE HERE button above
2. Select your gifts
3. Follow the easy steps to purchase the items
4. It's easy and quick and the toys will be delivered directly to the Smith Family

Spreading a little Christmas cheer to disadvantaged Aussie kids couldn't be easier. Simply Giving's online store features affordable gifts selected by The Smith Family to best suit the children, and your donated toy or book will make sure a disadvantaged child doesn't miss out this Christmas. Simply Giving will deliver your gift direct to The Smith Family.

Donate online to receive a FREE Certificate of Appreciation, Gift Card or Origami Gift Box.

Why donate toys online?

Donate toys to The Smith Family Toy & Book Appeal

Give Here


Simply Giving is Australia's most used and trusted online toy drive facility, bringing convenience and cost-savings to the giving process. Read more at


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Why Give Online?

> Quick, easy & convenient
> Toys selected by the charity
> Toys most suitable for the kids
> Reduces charity's appeal costs
> Reduces wastage & emissions
> Get certificate, card or origami