Recent dedications from our Patrons


"For all those less fortunate I dedicate my donation"

Andrew Baxster, NSW

"For my children and grand children"

Anonymous, WA

"For the great work Barnardos does helping others"

Anonymous, NSW

"You guys are like angels sent from heaven! Thank you!"

Anonymous, TAS

"With gratitude to the hard work of the Barnardos team"

Antionette Moree, NSW

"On behalf of Jeff, Susan & Maureen"

Aunt Bessy, NSW

"Inspiring my children to become givers"

Columbia, NSW

"In memory of my dear Aunt Wendy and Uncle Joe"

Denisee, VIC

"To help bring smiles to those who need"

Felix, QLD

"For the wonderful supportive community I live in"

Fiona S, QLD

"Dedicated to Harry on his 50th birthday"

From you Dear Wife, WA

"With thanks and gratitude to the Barnardos team"

Kelli, ACT

"Giving courage to kids out there fighting cancer"

Louise Swill, VIC

"Charity is not a chore, it is an honour"

Manjit Singh, VIC

"We hope that our small donation can be used to bring a smile to a child's face for Christmas and they feel loved despite what they are going through. God bless and much love"

Mari & Joe, NSW

"Thank you Eva"

Mari & Joe, NSW

"Thank you Eva"

Mari & Joe, NSW

"In honor of the amazing volunteers at Variety NSW"

Rose, NSW

"In honour of RFS firefighters"

Simone, QLD

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